- Comfortable Vinyl handle
- 3-cup rotor does not care which way the unit is pointed
      (unlike those little ones that must be pointed into the wind!)
Selected Features:
- Unique head tilts flat for storage
- Water-resistant display can be used in heavy rain
- Multi-function display, in mph or km/h
- Displays Current Speed plus Average or Max speed at the same time.
- 4% accuracy from 10 to over 50 mph, good to over 100
      (plus or minus a few tenths from 4 to 10 mph)
- Low mass rotor is responsive to gusts

Inspeed’s rugged hand held wind meter anemometer with dual digital display measures speeds from 5 mph to over 125 mph. The unique tilting head folds flat for storage.

Stop guessing at the wind speed and risking a poor setup. Measuring the wind speed is not only useful - it’s informative, it’s key, and it’s fun. Plus - the large rotor on this hand held anemometer means that you get accurate readings without pointing it into the wind, unlike pocket impeller-type devices.

It’s Rugged
There is nothing fragile about the Vortex Hand Held Wind Meter.  Featured during CNN live Florida hurricane coverage in 2004 (see photo) and 2005!

Hand Held Wind Meter at CNN
It’s Versatile
Use the anemometer for storm chasing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, target shooting, model aviation, weather monitoring, and all kinds of wind-related activites!

Best of all, it’s affordable!

SENSOR TYPE 3-Cup rotor. Tilts flat for storage.
Does not care where unit is pointed.
Reed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per rotation.
SPEED RANGE approx. 3 mph to 125+ mph (~5 kph to over 200 kph)

Removable LCD Digital Display is a Sigma Sport BC1200 bicycle computer.
Dual Display simutaneously shows CURRENT SPEED (top display)plus:
MAX, AVERAGE, KM/MILES, or several other (bicycle-related) functions.
Select mph or km/h (knots too if you wish - see Owners Instructions for details)
Water-resistant (not waterproof).

Since bicyclists do not want their average speed to be diminished when they come to a stop, the computer will only record and average when the wind is blowing.  It stops recording below approximately 1 mph.  That means that  if the wind blows for 2 hours at 20 mph and 2 hours at zero, the average shown will be 20, not 10!  Please keep this in mind for your desired use of the Vortex. 
WORKAROUND :  if you want to know the real average wind speed - even with spells near zero, do the following:  reset the computer, note the time.  When desired, simply divide the total number of wind "miles" on the display by the number of hours since reset. 

DIGIT HEIGHT Top Display (Current Speed): 10mm (approx. 1/2")
Bottom Display (Max, Average, etc.): 5mm (approx. 1/4")
SPEED RESOLUTION Top Display (Current Speed): 0.5 mph
Bottom Display (Max, Average, etc.): 0.01 mph
UPDATE RATE Approximately 1Hz (1 second)
POWER CR2032 Coin Battery . Battery life 1 to 3 years of intermittent, occasional use. Several months of continuous use.
ACCURACY +/- 1 mph or 4% of reading, whichever is greater, from 10 to 50 mph
estimated within 4% of reading above 50 mph
click HERE for a calibration chart
ROTOR DIAMETER approx. 6 in (152 mm)
LENGTH approx. 11 in (280 mm) overall, with the head tilted flat
WIDTH approx. 6 in (152 mm)
THICKNESS approx. 3 in (76mm), with the head tilted flat