Solar Cathodic Protection

Solar Cathodic Protection

MPPT Cathodic Protection Controllers

We carry all Cathodic Protection Controls and accessories. Currently 15 amp and 30 amp impressed current CP controllers are available.

Why use CP controllers in a solar powered cathodic protection system?

There are few other - if any - CP controls that are actually designed for use with solar electric powered cathodic protection systems. Nearly all standard CP current controls are designed for systems where AC power is available, and efficiency is seldom considered. While several controllers are sold or advertised as cathodic protection controllers (often erroneously called "rectifiers" - nothing is rectified, it is all DC), none that we are aware of use any type of MPPT control between the battery system and the anode system.

But if you or your customer is paying for the solar and battery system using one of those controls, it could be costing you from 200% to 500% too much. Standard CP controls do not use any type of MPPT or voltage/current step-down, they basically just limit the amount of current to a set amount (or based off of a reference cell). This can involve huge losses when used with a Photovoltaic/battery based system, with the majority of the losses going to heat.

The CP controls use an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system to directly convert the battery voltage and current to what is needed to drive the CP anodes at a constant current.

For example, if you need 9 volts to drive 6 amps into the ground bed, the AERL controller will convert (for example) a 24 volt battery down to that. The controller will draw (54 watts/24 volts) 2.25 amps from the battery.

This improves efficiency tremendously - and also reduces the cost of the PV module + battery system, in some cases by as much as 90%.