Solar DC Air Conditioner

Solar DC Air Conditioner







1-100% Solar air conditioner for homes cabinet split solar air conditioner solar ac solar air conditioners for rooms
2-100%Solar Power DC Inverter Air Conditioner for Room House cabinet type air conditioner Telecom AC 48v solar air conditioner
3-100% Solar System 48V DC Solar Air Conditioner 9000BTU/1Hp Wall Split Air Conditioner
4-Split wall mounted solar energy air conditioner system of solar AC solar AC conditioner
5-100% Solar air conditioner full solar air conditioning for Room house
6-Hot selling Portable Solar Air-con with compressor of High-efficiency 100% 48V DC solar air conditioner.
7-Solar air conditioning compressor dc 12/12v R134a 100% Solar Air Conditioner for homes .
Main Feature:
100% solar energy mode
* 100% driven by solar energy, 100% energy saving
* 48V DC power drive, no inverter required, no AC power required.
* Deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation.
* 48V DC inverter permanent magnet compressors
* 48V DC brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors
* Lowest energy consumption (570W per hour for 9,000btu)
* Lowest energy loss, EER > 21
* R134a CFC free refrigerant, Eco-friendly
* Short investment recovery period (2-3 years)
Q: How does the solar air conditioner work?
PV Solar panels produce electricity. Electricity to be filled in battery group as energy bank; Batteries drive air conditioner to run for cooling and heating. Solar controller protect the whole system and provide stable power supply.
Q: Which kind of fan motor you use?
We use DC brushless fan motors for both indoor and outdoor units of our solar air conditioners. DC brushless fan motors can greatly reduce energy consumption, and run with super low noise.
Q: How many watt solar panel we need to drive Harvest solar air conditioner?
We suggest you to ask our representatives as there are lots of power and voltage configurations. Mono-crystalline and ploy-crystalline solar panels are okay for using.
Q: Do you need inverter to make DC power to AC?
Inverter is NOT required for most of our solar air conditioners, because most of our solar air conditioners are 100% driven by DC power.
Q: What is the function of batteries? Which kind of batteries and capacity
recommended for your solar air conditioners?
Battery is the energy bank to reserve electricity energy. We recommend you 4 x 12V deep cycle GEL solar batteries for each solar system.
Q: What will happen when batteries is not enough to drive air conditioner?
When the voltage of batteries is low, solar air conditioner will be shut off automatically. After voltage of battery group increase, solar air conditioner will re-start automatically
How IT WORKS? DC Air Conditioner Technology
DC Conditioner Technology Background
It starts with the compressor which uses 95% of the power consumed by an air conditioner. In all ultra-high efficiency AC-powered mini-split units, household electricity enters the air conditioner and passes through a rectifier, a component that converts the incoming Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). The DC current passes through a frequency driver which applies power to the motor. The frequency of the power determines the output of the motor, which can be digitally managed to precisely control the motors speed. Because DC power can be used more efficiently, all of the highest efficiency AC-powered heat pumps and air conditioners on the market use DC powered compressors.
In an off-grid solar configuration where an AC-powered air conditioner is running from inverted solar power, the power is actually being converted twice. First, the native DC power from solar panels is inverted to AC by the inverter, and then the power is immediately converted back to DC after entering the air conditioner. Sound wasteful? It is, requiring more solar panels and more batteries as a result.
A key difference with our system – the DC unit skips all of these conversions and uses the DC power directly without conversion loss.
In addition to avoiding the cost and power loss of an inverter, our system is engineered from the ground up for use with solar. Special electronics anticipate and smoothly handle voltage fluctuations of up to 38% without affecting the operation. In addition to the compressor and control circuits, all other electrical components are DC powered including high efficiency DC fan motors, DC valves & solenoids, etc. There are no inverters used inside the system.
The brushless DC compressor and fan motors we use provide a "soft-start" which means that the typical startup surge of an AC air conditioner running on an inverter is eliminated. A normal air conditioner will draw up to 500% more amps on startup, meaning that when running on an inverter, the inverter must be over-sized accordingly. Over-sized inverters are much less efficient. The DC motors and controls used in the DC system not only avoid needing an inverter, they also minimize the surge or spike at time of startup.

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